Certifications: FAA ● E.A.S.A ● I.S.O.

Cockpit, Controls and Flight Instruments

Cockpit & Controls

Our Cockpit and Controls Department services a wide variety of cockpit instrumentation and related systems.

The department supports a wide variety of commercial and military aircraft instrumentation including the DC-8, MD-80, B-727, B-767, A4, A6, A7, F4, F5, F15, F16, F18, CH3, CH46, CH 47, CH53, C123, C130, C160, P3, E2 AND E3.

We support a wide product line of various manufacturers including Honeywell/Sperry, Allied Bendix/King, Rockwell Collins, Aerosonic, Kollsman/IDC, Lear Siegler, Smiths, Clifton and Ametek.

Flight Instruments

The Flight Instruments Department tests, repairs, and overhauls instruments located within the aircraft cockpit.

Types of instruments:
H.S.I.’s, A.D.I.’s, R.D.I.’s, flight directors, compass indicators, course indicators and distance indicators.

Types of equipment we support:
Pitch and roll computers, flight director computers, rate of turn racks, steering computers, mode couplers, autopilot amplifiers and yaw damper computers.

Types of cockpit gauges:
Various gauges and indicators for monitoring temperature, pressure and quantity of fuel, oil and air. Most manufacturers are supported.


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